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About Us

  Welcome to our online shop.Savona is a family business owned by two pharmacists, a husband and a wife, who were always concerned about the presence of chemicals and synthetics in our daily lives.

 The fact that the skin, the largest organ in our bodies is capable of absorbing up to 60% of what we put on it and the fact that there is a lot of chemicals in most skin care products always worried us a lot!

 Our aim was to help people stop using those synthetic products that make them unwillingly rub so many chemicals on their skin every day! Why add more nasties to those already present in air, water, and food!! 

 We were always thinking of a way to use our study to make a change. We found that soap is a product that is used by everybody, from babies to old people, and that harsh soaps can worsen many skin conditions while gentle handmade soaps, on the other hand, can lead to a great improvement in such cases.

 We started our project of making 100% natural handmade soap in 2012.Of course, our first trials were not a success, but when our first batch of soap was produced, it was the happiness of the world.We spent hours and hours in research and we were careful from the very beginning about choosing the best ingredients available.

 Our background in chemistry helped us a lot and we started making different soaps and creating our own recipes that make our products unique and not just imitations of somebody's else!

  We still remember when we gave a bar of our black seed soap to a friend and she had her face cleared from acne.We knew then we were on the right track.

It took us a lot of time to choose a name for our new soap brand and to choose an attractive packaging.We always remember those moments and laugh!!

 In 2013 we started selling some soaps and few bath bombs in an open day organized by a friend of ours.Then we started selling in many pop up markets until the ripe market came to Abu Dhabi and Savona became a brand that people come to ask for its products by name.

 Since then the business kept growing and we started to make skin care products other than soaps such as lotions, scrubs, body butters and lip balms etc...

 Today we have a full line of all natural soaps and skin care products that contains over 80 different products.We have a kiosk in Etihad plaza souq planet and our products are also sold in 'La Vern' in the WTC mall in the centre of the city.

 It was a long journey full of hard times and also full of happy moments when a new product was launched or when we were having good feedbacks from our customers.

 We are very lucky because we have two lovely daughters who helped us a lot.We are thankful to our big family who encouraged us from the beginning and we are grateful to our friends who were our first customers.

 At the end, we promise you our dear customers, that our mission will always remain the same; to always make the pure natural products made with care and passion that you deserve.


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