Foot odour or smelly feet, technically known as bromhidrosis, can be really embarrassing for those suffering from this problem.
This usually occurs when your feet sweat and the sweat does not evaporate because you are wearing shoes or socks. Bacteria naturally present on your skin grow as they feed on the sweat and dead skin cells, producing the foul smell
Other causes can be related to daily stress, standing on your feet all day, wearing the same shoes daily without allowing them to dry, poor personal hygiene, hormonal changes in the body ( in particular in teens and pregnant women ) and, of course, athletes who may experience fungal infections.
This cooling minty foot mist (or you can better call it a foot deodorant) helps deodorise stinky feet, leaving them refreshed and good smelling all-day long.
Its natural ingredients not only impart a good smell to your feet, they help irradicate the problem from its roots by fighting the bacteria causing the bad odour.

*Aloe vera is one of the most healing plants.
It contains 6 antiseptic ingredients, the most important of which are salicylic acid and urea. They all have an inhibitory action on fungi and bacteria.
Saponins found in aloe vera have a cleansing and antiseptic effect.

*Witch hazel contains tannins which give its astringent properties. This helps reduce sweating and keeps your feet dry. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

*Arrowroot powder helps keep your foot dry.

  *Peppermint essential oil has a cooling effect on feet, while Tea Tree essential oil has been used for its anti-fungal properties.

Organic Aloe vera gel, Aqua, Witch hazel extract, Arrowroot powder, Peppermint essential oil, Tea tree essential oil,

How To Use:
-Hold the spray bottle five or six inches away from your foot and spritz.
-Let it sit for one minute then wear your socks and shoes as usual.
Size in ml 60

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Foot Mist

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