The combination of deeply nourishing oils, henna and coconut milk in this shampoo bar helps enhance the volume, refine the texture and boost the shine of most hair types.


*The high percentage of Macadamia oil helps improve the hair texture when this bar is used regularly:


1.     The macadamia oil is characterized by its easy absorption and deep penetration into the hair and scalp.

2.     This oil provides the hair with the proper moisture it needs to stay healthy.

3.     The high vitamin E content helps to soften and rejuvenate your hair.

4.     The macadamia oil eliminates frizz, detangles hair to make it more manageable.

*Henna is not only a coloring herb, it is also known for its great benefits for hair:


1.     Henna is a natural hair conditioner that helps coat the hair shaft and seal in moisture and natural oils making hair silky soft.

2.     It tightens and closes the cuticle making hair stronger and more resilient.

3.     It creates a vibrant shine.

4.     Its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties may help with dandruff and scaly scalp.

*Coconut milk provides the protein that helps nourish and strengthen the also has moisturizing properties and therefore acts as a great hair conditioner.
This bar is scented with Rosemary essential oil that stimulates hair follicles making hair grow longer and stronger.